Steel buildings for agriculture, industry and recreation

Frisomat is founded in 1978 by Guy Somers. We are a Belgian company that designs, develops, produces and constructs industrial, agricultural and recreational buildings made of cold-formed steel.
From R&D and design over manufacturing to transport, assembly and after-sales service. Solid and robust our cold-formed steel constructions consume 30% less steel. This makes Frisomat buildings easy to transport and assemble. More than 85% of our products are exported.
Frisomat has 14 subsidiaries worldwide – Algeria, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Slovakia, France, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, The Netherlands, Ukraine – and production plants in Belgium, Russia and Brazil. Our global dealer network is ever-growing. Through this international presence, Frisomat is active in over 100 countries, where it has completed more than 35,000 steel construction projects. The company employs 450 people worldwide

Buildings for agriculture, industry and recreation

What we offer

If You need to build a storage for your crop, or production facility, shelter for your machinery, aircraft hangar or horse arena Frisomat has a solution for You.
We design, produce and build steel buildings from cold-formed galvanized steel for storage and manufacturing as well for recreational and other purposes.

What we are looking for

Customer and Partners


  • Harvest conditioning, conveying, preservation and storage
  • Others


Export Director Eastern Europe

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