silencers and exhaust systems

The company is located in Bologna (northern Italy) and has over thirty-year experience in silencers and complete suction/exhaust lines, meeting special requirements and developing customized projects. We are able to manage the whole manufacturing process, from customized design to finished product, including surface treatments (by using HT-proof and environmental-friendly products) and fabric or metal integral insulation. We can provide noise and backpressure spreadsheet, 2D/3D drawings, material and welding (WPS-WPQR) certificates, and 3D-laser scanner reports, complying with high-quality standards. We have been certified ISO 9001 since 2009.


What we offer

We produce silencers and single components or complete exhaust lines. Our main fields of application are power generators, earth-moving and agricultural machines, combined heat & power systems. Thanks to our experience, customization, quality and flexibility, we can meet special requirements and develop different types of projects.

What we are looking for

We are looking for customers requiring small to medium quantities of customized products


  • Tractors
  • Mobile loading machines
  • Drilling and sowing
  • Irrigation and drainage
  • Harvesting
  • Machinery and equipment for forest management, municipal applications and landscape care
  • Components, spare parts, accessories


Sales Account

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