Production of biological fertilizers and soil additives

BIOENERGY LT is an innovative technology company. Our technological and scientific expertise is to develop and produce exclusive biological (bacteria and microorganisms) products for agriculture(eg. nitrogen fixation, phosphorus releasing, optimal plants nutrition, crop residues mineralization, recovery of natural balance of the soil and etc), water treatment and animal nutrition.

All our products meets the highest quality and most advanced global biotechnology industry standards. Certified by ISO 9001:2008, FiBL

By production capacity, we are leading company in North Europe region.

Recently, we are expanding our distribution network and looking for potential and motivated business partners.

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Biological fertilizers, soil additives and microorganisms

What we offer

Bioenergy LT offers high quality biological solutions for agriculture, horticulture , water threatment, animal nutrition and other areas where bacterial technology can be adapted.

We have product line for agriculture, which can be found in our webpage
Also with our R&D deparment, cooperation with universities and laboratories, we can develop microbiological products for our customer in any sector of business.
Our production facility is able to fulfill the biggest orders in time.
Our mission : to provide high quality products in affordable price.

What we are looking for

Our company is looking for long cooperation partners.
We are looking two ways:
1. Distributors for our agriculture products. Company should work closely with farmers or agro companies.
We offer high quality products, full integrity with distributor (seminars, training, visiting clients together) and ability to adapt products to specific needs of region.
2. We are looking for industrial companies, which are looking for material supplier : microorganisms, yeast, etc which can be used in various sectors.


  • Fertilizing
  • Plant protection
  • Farm inputs


Export Manager

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