Biomass Energy

Biofire Oy design, manufactures and supplies fully automated biomass boiler heating systems and heating plants. The power category starts from 60 kW farmer size and reaches up to 5 MW district heating plants size (even 15 MW power plants can be equipped if more boilers are used). Because of the advanced multi-biomass burner, it is possible to use many kinds of solid biomass as fuel. For example wood chips, peat, logging residues, pellets, wood and peat briquettes, planer chips, sawdust, crushed recycled wood and waste grain and its drying residues can be burned with Biofire Palokärki burner. All Biofire Palokärki products are designed to work in tough Scandinavian conditions and so they are very robust and long lasting. Biofire Oy has been developing biomass boiler heating systems for over 30 years and so the best industry experience is used to its products and services.

Biomass boiler heating systems and heating plants

What we offer

Biomass boiler heating systems and heating plants in category from 60 kW to 5000 kW.

What we are looking for

Customers who have:
• For heating needs of any agricultural buildings
• For heating of private houses, block of flats, row houses and other properties
• For heating of small industrial halls and other buildings like schools, churches
• To produce heat to small district heating networks
• need for a heat container
• need for grain drying or timber drying
• For heat suppliers for district heat production
• For properties of municipalities (conurbation, schools, universities, hospitals etc.)
• For large private properties like hotels, spas and greenhouses, saw mills (timber drying)
• For district heat production (conurbation, neighbourhood, villages, small towns)
• For process heating
• As maximum output plants


  • Energy Plants Production/ Renewable Raw Materials


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