Manufacturers Rep/ Distributor

Botterill Sales is a Manufacturers Representative/Distributor based out of Portage la Prairie, MB. We focus on distribution of products in western Canada, but have recently become the world distributors for Ditch Assist Machine control systems, which is what we are displaying at Agritechnica. The Ditch Assist is the first Android based machine control system available on the market. The android OS allows us to easily upgrade software and replaces the expensive monitors used by other systems. The Ditch Assist is designed to work with any equipment with a raise and lower function. It will connect with almost any GPS system on the market to give accurate machine control with the benefit of GPS accuracy.

Ditch Assist- Simple, Affordable Grade Control

What we offer

Ditch Assist is a GPS guided machine control system allowing automatic grade control for scrapers, grader blades, box blades, rotary ditchers and essentially any unit with a raise and lower function. The Ditch Assist is "color blind" in that it will work with any machine, any tractor and almost any GPS system. Ditch Assist uses an Android tablet as a control monitor, dramatically reducing the cost of the system and allowing for easy software upgrades. With our new Slope-IQ system, we have the ability to grade curves and variable slope planes in order to reduce the amount of soil moved. It is truly simple, affordable grade control.

What we are looking for

We are looking for customers and for new distribution partners across the world in order to increase our market presence and sales periods. We are looking for partners with experience with GPS and precision equipment who will understand the system we offer and how to implement it with their GPS equipment best for their customers.


  • Irrigation and drainage
  • Agricultural electronics, equipment for measuring and weighing
  • Equipment and software for process optimization



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