By 2050, the world population is projected to rise to nine billion. How can they all be provided with healthy and sustainable food? When it comes to products and complete solutions along the entire food value-added chain, Bühler is the global technology partner and contributes significantly to feeding the world´s population. The business area Grain Logistics deals specifically with the production of machinery and equipment for the processing of grain, one of the most important basic staple food. From reception of agricultural products all the way through to the processing industries – professional grain management is the core competency of Bühler Grain Logistics.

A special focus is on the core issues of food safety, sustainability and digitalization. Feeling good about grain - this is Bühler´s leading motto of Agritechnica 2017. However, sustainable and securely processed grains give our customers a good feeling.

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Food Safety at Bühler – our solutions for mycotoxin reduction in grain processing

What we offer

Mycotoxin contamination of agricultural raw materials is a major threat for human and animal health. For this reason many countries have legal limits on mycotoxin levels in food and feed. lnfected grain kernels must be removed as early in the process as possible. Bühler provides solutions for effective mycotoxin reduction along the entire value chain of industrial grain processing. Grain cleaning is the most effective post-harvest measure to reduce elevated mycotoxin levels. The focus lies on the efficient removal of mould-infested grains and grain fractions on the basis of features such as size, density and optical properties. We at Bühler have taken up the food safety challenge and are committed to new and safe innovations – for today and tomorrow. Our experts are pleased to present our solutions and machines for more food and feed safety at Agritechnica.


  • Transport technology
  • Harvest conditioning, conveying, preservation and storage
  • Agricultural electronics, equipment for measuring and weighing
  • Equipment and software for process optimization
  • Components, spare parts, accessories
  • Others


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