Soybean varieties breeding

Naukowo Badawcze Centrum Rozwoju Soi "AgeSoya" operates in a network of companies involved in the production of soybeans, including the cultivation of new soybean varieties, reproduction of seeds and selling qualified seed material. The network unites the following specialised companies – Eurosivo, Topseed, Aproseed, Armsort and Soyevyj Vik. All of them productively cooperate to bring their clients excellent results in quality, pricing and expertise.
The company specializes in the development of innovative and highly productive soybean lines, renewal and improvement of existing varieties owned by us and sales of highly reproductive soybean seeds. We develop high quality seed materials that will ensure high yield and the expected benefits for its customers.
It is worth mentioning that company’s soybean varieties are: 1) not genetically modified, 2) available for cultivation at organic farms and 3) available for usage in food processing industry.

Soybean varieties

What we offer

The companies offers soybean varieties of own breeding. Currently we have 10 soybean varieties registered in EU List.

What we are looking for

We are looking for mutually beneficial cooperation with agrarian holdings and seed companies.


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  • Fruit, vegetables and other special crops
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