Fuel storage tanks

Righetto Serbatoi is a leading Italian Company in the field of manufacturing and engineering of solutions for the storage of fuel, water and chemicals in any tye of environment. We offer fixed and transportable tanks, for outdoor and underground instalaltion.

Fuel and chemical storage tanks

What we offer

We specialise in manufacturing and designing customised tanks and solutions for the storage and transportation of any kind of fuel (incl. gasoline, aviation fuels etc.), of water and chemicals.
Main application fields are agriculture, building and construction, earth moving, refuelling sectors, among the others.

What we are looking for

We are looking for new dealers and agents in several areas where our Company is not represented at the moment.


  • Machinery and equipment for forest management, municipal applications and landscape care
  • Components, spare parts, accessories
  • Energy Plants Production/ Renewable Raw Materials
  • Others


Export Manager

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