The Group RAESA is a multinational company with branches in many countries. We are known because of our continuous innovation in more efficient irrigation systems, more lasting and easier to install, achieving our clients important results for their businesses and giving importance to economic profitability and technical viability.

RAESA continues to invest in R+D+i, improving our products and premises to be competitive at a worldwide level.
Our most important premise has been, since our beginnings, to achieve the best possible quality, both in our products and in the service we offer. So, this continuous effort to improve has made over the years to have a renown worldwide, that has been compensated by our clients’ loyalty and the received rewards.

Among the most important achieved challenges, we can mention the presence in more than 100 countries and to be the first company that manufactures sprinkling irrigation equipments to get the standard quality certification ISO.

Sprinkling irrigation products, Irrigation solutions.

What we offer

RAESA manufacturers aluminium pipes and aluminium fittings for sprinkling irrigation. The main advantages of our products are:
- Possibility to irrigate different kind of crops.
- Great adaptability to crop rotation.
- Possibility to use it as frost protection.
- Option to control the exact dose of water.
- Possibility to move irrigation pipes from one plot to another.
- Easy to install due to its lightness and easy maintenance.
- Long durability of the pipes, in comparison with other materials, such as plastic and steel.
- Great fiability of RAESA pipes.
- Possibility to start with a basic system and improve it later.
- Possibility to recycle aluminium.
- Possibility to apply fertigation with RAESA pipes.

What we are looking for

We are interested in looking for agricultural dealers and distributors from any country in the world, final customers or agricultural growers that want to install sprinkling irrigation solutions that RAESA manufacture. We can also offer any other solutions for irrigation or even turn-key projects.


  • Irrigation and drainage


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