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Founded in 1865, MORILLON is a French company, specialist of silo unloading systems (design, manufacture, commissioning and maintenance worldwide).
SPIROGYRE SYSTEM : The MORILLON sweep-auger is designed to reclaim the remaining free-flowing products (wheat, corn, barley, pellets…) once the gravity unload has been completed in flat bottom silos. The fully automatic design of the SPIROGYRE allows a safe and reliable reclaim inside the silo, without any labor required.
HYDRASCREW SYSTEM : the HYDRASCREW range is specially designed to unload difficult to flow materials, heavy or light, powdery or fibrous, dry or wet. These unloading systems operate with a fully hydraulic transmission in silos ranging from 2 to 25 meters in diameter. Reliable and sturdy, they transmit high torques at low speed. The screw ensures a “First-In – First-out” emptying of the silo.
- Hydraulic Sweep Auger for big silos and high discharge capacities for soya beans and pellets
- Cone-bottom discharger

Discover our range of solutions to empty your silos

What we offer

Thanks to our large experience of unloading applications (more than 10 000 Morillon systems sold worldwide) our sales and R&D teams can support you to define your needs.
we propose two main ranges to empty your silos :
- SPIROGYRE Sweep augers designed for flatt bottom silos and free-flowing materials (wheat corn, barley, oil seeds, pellets..) to reclaim the remaining products once the gravity unload has been completed.
- HYDRASCREW unloader designed to unload difficult to flow materials such as soya meal or wheat bran. An Archimedean screw sweeps the silo bottom through 360° and ensures product unloading on the FIFO principle (First-In, First-Out).


  • Harvest conditioning, conveying, preservation and storage


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