Mechatronic system

We develop and produce mechatronic solutions for customer-unique industrial and vehicle applications, in medium-sized volumes.
Our team of designer and expert has developed a broad experience in different fields of industrial and vehicle systems. They will support the customer in defining product specifications, choosing the right components and selecting the appropriate control strategies for the target application, with the aim to provide to the customer a complete system, ranging from actuators to HMI.
Our project managers will coordinate the development and the sourcing of the different components, managing contacts with internal and external supplier acting as prime contractor towards the customer.
In a nutshell, ROJ represents the ideal partner from the pre-study stage to production.

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Roj Mechatronic - Motor drive for seeder

What we offer

The kit features a small but rugged wifi access point, which provides a point-to-point wireless connection to the motor for parameter set-up and real time monitoring of the job.

PCS System
The scope of the system is to replace the mechanical transmission of seeding discs by means of electric motors, enabling a greater flexibility of the machine and providing new functionalities which are not possible to achieve with the mechanical transmission.

The FertiSystem and Fertisystem ITS5000 are a fertilizer feeder with an “Intelligent Tuning System”, which meets the demand of application with lower dosages of smart fertilizers (including elementary sulfur, potassium chloride, micro phosphorus-based granules, sulfur, nitrogen and zinc).

What we are looking for

We are looking for :
- producers of seeding machine
- resellers in Europe


  • Drilling and sowing
  • Fertilizing
  • Components, spare parts, accessories
  • Others



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