Mineral Complex Fertilizers

Elixir Agrar d.o.o - Elixir Zorka is a traditional complex mineral fertilizer producer (since 1938).
Our factory is located in Serbia, on the banks of river Sava, which provides good strategic and logistic position.
As a leading producer in South-East Europe, we are producing and distributing more than 650.000t/annualy of various complex NPK, PK and NP formulations.

Elixir Zorka - complex mineral fertilizers

What we offer

Our product portfolio contains of 5 product lines of high quality fertilizers,which fully satisfy the requirements of crop cultures for all necessary elements.
Elixir BASIC line  - highly water soluble NPK fertilizers
Elixir PREMIUM line – NPK formulations with secondary and micro elements
Elixir SUPER GARDEN line - carefully designed formulation for Lawn, Flower, Vegetables and Fruits
Elixir MICRO line – micro granulated fertilizer, well-balanced combination of nutritive elements, in granules of 0.5-1.2 mm in size
Elixir SUPREME line - Innovated line of special fertilizers, high concentrated NPK fertilizers specifically designed for high value crops, vegetables, fruit trees and vines.

What we are looking for

Elixir Agrar d.o.o - Elixir Zorka is looking for partners for mutually beneficial cooperation in the field of fertilizers production and distribution.


  • Fertilizing
  • Plant protection
  • Fruit, vegetables and other special crops


Global Sales Director

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