Field sprayers for crop protection

Dubex is a manufacturer of field sprayers for crop protection from the Netherlands. Since 1953 Dubex has specialized in trailed sprayers, mounted sprayers and self-propelled sprayers.
Mounted sprayers are available from 700 till 1100 liter with booms up to 27 meter. A fronttank to increase the tank is possible.
Trailed sprayers are available from 2000 till 16500 liter with booms up to 52 meter.
Dubex uses the most modern techniques like GPS individual nozzle switching (optional), full circulation tubing (standard) and an advanced boom control.
You can find Dubex sprayers in a big part of Europe, but we are looking for new partners.
Dubex sprayers are technically advanced and reliable machines for a good price.

Dubex field sprayers for crop protection

What we offer

Mounted sprayers: 700- 1100 liter with booms up to 27 meter
Trailed sprayers: 2300/ 3200/ 4000/ 5000/ 6000/ 12000/ 16500 liter. Booms up to 52 meter
Self propelled sprayers

GPS-technique, individual nozzle switching, full circulation tubing, variable geometry, distance control, trail control, touchscreen terminals, section control and many more options.

What we are looking for

We are looking for agricultural partners who ware looking for advanced spraying technology in their product range.
Companies who can give technical and commercial support in their sales area with at least basic knowledge of spraying technology.


  • Plant protection


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