Electric Planter Drives

Graham manufacturers and markets wireless electronic control systems for Agriculture applications.
Our primary product utilizes a patent pending to offer a wireless control system for row-crop seed planters.

Our 12V electric motors can be installed on any brand of meter, planter brand or planter type. Our product can be retrofitted or installed on new planters including pneumatic meters, mechanical meters, drills, male row spiker planters, vegetable planters, air seeders, drum and cyclone planters.

We offer a ranger of products with different levels of precision attributes available. Thus, we have several tiers in our product line to help meet both the budget and performance needs of our customers.

We offer direct purchase programs to OEM planter manufacturers as well as customized solutions.

Electric Planter Drives

What we offer

We specialize in electric planter drive systems.

Our products have several advantages including:
1) They can install on any meter type
2) They can install on new or used planters of any brand
3) They are wireless between the cab and the planter bar, which reduces wiring harnesses and clutter on the planter.
4) Because of our patent pending wireless protocol, we are able to make command changes in the field faster than any other electric planter drive offered to market.
5) Our electric planter drives reduce input costs through reduced seed required for planting
6) We are part of a complete precision ag solution that can help farmers improve crop yields.
7) Our Product uses Samsung Android Tablets as the in-cab command center for Operator input and command control/monitoring.

What we are looking for

We are looking for distribution partners for our range of products.

This includes:
1) Distributors for new foreign markets and countries
2) Individual wholesale accounts in foreign countries to promote our products to their local market.
3) OEM Planter Manufacturers who are seeking a provide of electric planter drive systems to partner with to put electric planter drive systems on their new production planters to improve the precision technology offered to customers.


  • Drilling and sowing
  • Agricultural electronics, equipment for measuring and weighing
  • Equipment and software for process optimization


Managing Partner

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