Combine and tractor spare parts Manufacturer

Venturoso, Valentini & Cia Ltda (short VV) is a Brazilian metalworking industry located in the city Sao Joaquim da Barra, State of Sao Paulo.

Manufacturing metal parts by forging, casting and stamping. We provide our products mainly to:
1. OE market: Mayor agricultural vehicle manufactures and automotive vehicle manufactures. Our parts are used in their assembly lines, as well as original replacement parts.
2. Aftermarket: replacement parts for combines and tractors under our own brand VV for domestic and export market.
3. Outsourced production: parts developed and produced exclusively for 3rd parties of a variety of sectors like agricultural, automotive, naval and industrial.

VV - Brazilian manufacturer of combine and tractor parts

What we offer

Our metalworking industry complies all necessary requirements to establish a successful partnership:

We offer a wide range: Knife Assemblies, Sectionalized Knives, Knife Sections, Knife Backs, Knife Guides and Clips, Straw Chopper Knives, Sprockets, Pulleys, Hubs, Bushings, Arms, Housings, Double Finger Knife Guards, Ratchets, Knife Heads, Rotor Bars and assemblies such as complete Wobble Boxes and complete PTO Drive Shafts

Proven Quality: we are supplier to major agricultural machinery manufacturers and to automotive vehicle manufacturers (OEM).

Total commitment to quality: all products produced within our facilities. Forging, casting, stamping, hardening treatments, machining, tool developing, painting and coating and quality control laboratory are in-house.

What we are looking for

We offer to importers and resellers of agricultural spare parts the opportunity to market our line of Aftermarket parts for combines and tractors. We are looking for companies from North America, Europe, Eastern Europe, Northern Africa, Asia and Australia to be our sole dealership for their respective country.

All other types of companies that requires the development and manufacturing of metallic parts can rely on our service. We handle inquiries from sectors like agricultural, automotive, naval and industrial.


  • Components, spare parts, accessories


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