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Since 1962, Tru-Flex has been focused on meeting the unique exhaust and industrial requirements of OEM’s around the world. Because we are focused on understanding and satisfying the needs of our customers, Tru-Flex is the world leader in high performance flexible metal products used in a variety of applications.

With this reputation comes responsibility. Customers depend on Tru-Flex to deliver the exacting, mission-critical performance your application requires. This is why we offer engineering and technical support to our customers throughout the life cycle of their products and projects—from initial component design and specifications, to manufacturing and assembly, through product redesigns and performance audits.

With over 9 locations worldwide, we are the leaders in exhaust bellows manufacturing. Tru-Flex is also well represented in other industries that count on flexible hoses to contain, control, protect, or transfer a variety of materials. Those products include crush-proof hoses for moving grains, plastic pellets, wood chips, and other dry materials; heat-resistant ductwork and chimney liner; and flexible hoses that protect less durable tubing or electronics. We do it all.

With a strong emphasis on customer needs, Tru-Flex is proud to serve clients from small businesses to large corporations located all over the world.

Exhaust Bellows, Exhaust Systems, Insulated Exhaust Systems

What we offer

Tru-Flex is a leading manufacturer of exhaust bellows for the commercial vehicle market. Our products include innovative solutions such as our torsional bellows, silicone insulated bellows, and non-torsional severe duty bellows.

Tru-Flex has the capability to manufacture exhaust products from 2" (50mm) - 6" (152mm). We are also able to provide complete exhaust systems and insulation solutions.

With rapid prototyping and our state-of-the-art production facility in Ujazd, Poland, we are able to meet a variety of customer demands.

What we are looking for

Tru-Flex is keen to establish business with leading OEM's and we welcome the opportunity to meet with purchasing and engineering teams to discuss current and future needs.

We ONLY manufacture products for commercial vehicles, we are NOT a supplier to the passenger car market. This means that volumes anywhere from 1 to 100,000 fit our business well. This also means that you will receive superior service as our time is not occupied by the leading car manufacturers, as many exhaust suppliers are.


  • Tractors
  • Mobile loading machines
  • Machinery and equipment for forest management, municipal applications and landscape care


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