Grain processing

Established in 1986, Nord Mills is a Finnish family owned company manufacturing grain handling machinery. We know the requirements set by livestock welfare and what farmers face in everyday operations. Using this valuable experience as our trump card, we develop products that are not only of highest quality, but are also meaningful and functional by design. As result, we are one of the leading roller mill manufacturers in Scandinavia. We also manufacture hammer mills pneumatic grain transport systems and flexible spiral conveyors.

While focus has always been in grain processing, Nord Mills also manufactures variety of accessories, silos and warehouse heating equipment. By request, we manufacture tailored products for local representatives and importers.

Much has changed in the years between founding and today. However, determination to overcome the everyday challenges that face us has remained. We work to so that your work is made easier, safer, and cost-effective.

Roller and Hammer Mills and grain conveyors

What we offer

Moving and processing of grain has never been easier than with the full line of Nord Mills grain conveyors and mills. Having background in farming, we know the requirements set by livestock welfare and what issues farmers face in everyday operations. This is our trump card and that’s why we know what matters when designing our products. We know how to make machinery that are easy to deploy and maintain yet cost effective.

In addition to agricultural applications, our conveyors are used in food industry, mills in breweries in countless other applications that require either conveying or reduction of small particles.

What we are looking for

We look forward to establishing a strong foothold in other parts of Europe as well. Today, we are one of the leading roller mill manufacturers in Scandinavia. Our products are best suited from small to mid-sized farms and most of our current clients come from dairy cow farms due to our expertise in flattening of grain and knowing the requirements set by ruminants.

To continue this success story, we want to partner with importers, agents and distributors around Europe that would share the ideology of our family owned company about providing simple, effective, reliable and modestly priced products.


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