Tanks and storage systems

Emiliana Serbatoi is a 30-year-old leading independent producer of equipment and systems for storage, transportation of petroleum products and hazardous liquids in general. Servicing different industries such as automotive, construction, agriculture, oil and gas, military and governmental use, transportation and disaster relief, Emiliana Serbatoi has gained a reliable reputation in design, production, supply of fuelling systems around the world.
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Tanks and storage systems all around the world by Emiliana Serbatoi

What we offer

Emiliana Serbatoi has been a leading producer of equipment, devices and systems for storage, transport and delivery of petroleum products and liquids in general since its founding in 1983 in Modena, Italy.
Servicing areas as divers as construction, agriculture, oil and gas sectors, military and governmental sectors, transport field, disaster relief and client rapid response needs, over the last 30 years the Italian company has gained a reputation as the leader in the Design, Production, Supply of fuelling systems to clients and customers in both the European and Global Markets. Emiliana Serbatoi has the appropriate competence, the technical knowledge, the team and the right formula to overcome new obstacles and expand its leadership.

What we are looking for

We are trying to expand our sales network and increase our ability to reach new customers to be present all over the world, touching on all the the application areas. We want to reach the global market and be more present in all the five continents; we want to create products that will allow us to both go as far as possible and increase our export market shares.


  • Tractors
  • Mobile loading machines
  • Transport technology
  • Machinery and equipment for forest management, municipal applications and landscape care
  • Agricultural electronics, equipment for measuring and weighing
  • Equipment and software for process optimization
  • Components, spare parts, accessories
  • Energy Plants Production/ Renewable Raw Materials
  • Others


Export area manager

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