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Powell Electronics BV
Kuifmees 58
3435RG Nieuwegein
The Netherlands
Tel: +31 30. 6014666
Fax: +31 30 6014667

Business Development Manager

What we offer

Powell, one of the market leaders in ISObus
hardware, is bringing to market several
new innovations, that it will showcase at the
Agritechnica 2017 expo in Hannover, Germany.
At the core of these new innovations is its
upgraded ISObus Breakaway Connector (IBBC).
The IBBC is the standardized connector receptacle
for ISO 11783-2. It incorporates integrated
electronics along with a patented breakaway
latching system, keeping the implement cable
firmly in place. The now upgraded IBBC includes improved PCB sealing where the connector interfaces reach IP6K9K level of protection. The new closing
mechanism achieves a better closing of the lid after
‘unmating’. This system is fully intermatable/
interchangeable with the previous products on the
market. The new IBBC is also high-speed ISObus

What we are looking for

Equipment Manufacturers engineering ISOBUS 11783-2 Implement and tractor designs.


  • Tractors
  • Transport technology
  • Agricultural electronics, equipment for measuring and weighing
  • Equipment and software for process optimization
  • Components, spare parts, accessories


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