Manufacturer of agricultural machines for soil working

The Gramegna company was established in 1960 by the Gramegna brothers Angelo, Nando and Valdo, who at that time had developed the first mechanical device for digging the soil, which indeed became known subsequently as a “vangatrice” (spading machine).
Gramegna company is based just 60 km outside Milan, operating from extensive premises with factory space of 10,000 m², half of which is under cover.
With a permanent staff of 25 and a production unit comprehensively equipped with modern plant and machinery, most steps of the manufacturing process can be carried out internally.
The sales organisation is currently well-established not only in Italy, but also in several countries around the world where the company can rely on consolidated business relationships; as a result, Gramegna exports more than 70% of its annual production.


What we offer

Spading machine is our main product.
We produce a complete range for 2-wheels and 4 wheels tractors from 8 hp to 300 hp.

We produce a new patented machine, a decompactor for turf care and maintenance.

We produce also a complete range of machines for vineyards and orchards:
- multipurpose mulchers
- mulchers with inter-tree mowing disc
- mulchers with shoot strimmer
- shoot strimmers
- inter-row power harrows
- rotary tillers
- rotary tillers with automatic side-shifting

What we are looking for

Importers and distributors of agricultural machines all over the world.
Main areas of interest: East Europe, Middle East, North Africa, Mexico, South America, Australia


  • Soil working and seed-bed preparation
  • Fruit, vegetables and other special crops
  • Machinery and equipment for forest management, municipal applications and landscape care


Export sales manager

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