Agricultural machines

Bomet is the polish producer of agricultural machines. The company was established in 1992. The company employs 150 people. The company is located in six halls with an area of 9570 m2. The high quality and reliability of Bomet products is ensured by the modern machine park with metal working machines CNC. Repeatability of production ensures the modern welding robot and paint shop. All machines offered by Bomet fulfils the requirement of the Machine Directive and have the Declaration of Conformity CE.

Producer of agricultural machines

What we offer

In our trade offer we have got machines:
1. tilling sets: 1,8 m to 4,6 m
2. tilling and sowing sets - discs or tooth; 2,5 m to 4,0 m with diffrent rear rollers
3. skimming units: 1,8 m to 3,8 m (overload protection by screws or springs)
4. string rollers single or double 1,8 m to 3,2 m
5. cultivators (s-tines) 1,8 m to 3,2 m
6. diggers: vibrating diggers (aside or rear discharge); conveyor diggers (1 or 2-rows)
7. disc harrows 1,5 m to 6,0 m with diffrent discs diameter
8. power harrows 2,0 m to 4,0 m with diffrent rear rollers
9. ploughs: frame ploughs, single-beam ploughs, reversible ploughs, disc ploughs
10. potato planters (1 or 2 rows)
11. hoe ridgers
12. rotovators 1,2 m to 2,0 m
13. subsoilers (45 and 65 cm working depth)
14. seeders 2,5 m to 4,0 m
15. flail mowers 1,2 to 2,0 m

What we are looking for

We are happy to meet and discuss with potential distributors for our products throughout the world.


  • Soil working and seed-bed preparation
  • Drilling and sowing
  • Harvesting


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