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Structuring and organizing of Agricultural Equipment Cluster began in late 2006 under the operational leadership of the Croatian Employers Association, the National Centre for Clusters (NCC). Initial funds that have enabled the realization of these initiatives were the EU funds through CEE Cluster Network project, followed by Ministry of Economy, Labour and Entrepreneurship (MINGORP) resources and also by funding of regional and local communities, respectively Osijek-Baranja County and the City of Osijek. By July 2009 the cluster operates and develops under the name of Croatian Agricultural Equipment Cluster (CAEC) within the Croatian Employers' Association National Centre for Clusters (CEA NCC). After 14 July, when it was registered at the Commercial Court in Osijek, Cluster continues operations under a new name as Agricultural Equipment Cluster Ltd. (AEC).
The founders of Agricultural Equipment Cluster Ltd. (AEC)
- OLT Plc. – Osijek 1/8 of total equity share
- Eurometal Ltd. – Osijek 1/8 of total equity share
- Hittner Ltd. – Bjelovar1/8 of total equity share
- Gramip Ltd. – Dubrava1/8 of total equity share
- POD Ltd. – Dežanovac1/8 of total equity share
- Hidraulika Plc. – Kutina1/8 of total equity share
- Labinprogres TPS Ltd. – Labin 1/8 of total equity share
- Pecka Ltd. – Markovac Našički1/8 of total equity share
In addition to these companies that are equal shareholders (owners) of Agricultural Equipment Cluster Ltd., there are also other members and associate members of the Cluster. These include other companies, research facilities and institutions for promoting entrepreneurship and innovations. By signing permanent consortium agreements, as well as different business cooperation contracts the Cluster at this time totals the number of 25 members.
In its Development Strategy, Croatian Government has set the priority to develop the so called ‘green’ and ‘blue’ Croatia, which in reality means agriculture and tourism respectively, as main strategic courses for developing complementary businesses. This definition generally favors AEC’s activities as an integral part of the overall agricultural production.
It is necessary to emphasize that at this point Agricultural Equipment Cluster is organized as the industrial cluster that brings together the most prominent manufacturers of agricultural machinery in Croatia. The Cluster by its nature represents the interests of its current members and aims to expand its membership base to better exploit their working potential and to increase their market visibility and therefore increase their market share.
Agricultural Equipment Cluster includes several firms that have been producing professional and hobby equipment for many years – farm equipment, machines for agricultural production such as ploughs, seeders, harrows, planters, tillers, fertilizer spreaders, sprayers and cultivators, even tractors and combine harvesters. There are also several manufacturers that produce machinery and equipment for the so-called «weekend-program». Furthermore, many of these firms have significant capacities in developing tools and working with metal, capacities for iron casting and producing different kinds of castings for various applications, from shipbuilding and car industry to community programs and consumer goods.
Some members of the Cluster have already established certain mutual business cooperation, which is certainly a good basis for the creation of an additional trust and networking among members. The objective is rationalizing and economizing all productive resources, as the essential prerequisite for increased competitiveness in general. Therefore, within the methodology of Agricultural Equipment Cluster construction is strengthening cohesion forces between the cluster members, creating a necessary specialization and rationalization of production and its resources based on complementarities and comparative advantages and raising the quality by learning, adopting and developing new technologies.
Cluster’s main activities include:
•Improving and finding new sales opportunities and markets
•Directing Cluster members to implement international quality standards
•Development and internationalization of markets
•The creation of the marketing concept of a joint approach to the market
•Organizing and performing in the international specialized fairs
•Cooperation with universities and technology centres
•Networking with compatible clusters and doing joint project applications to EU funds
•Encouraging productive cooperation between Cluster members
•Providing education and training of Cluster members
•Encouraging Cluster members for joint purchases in order to reduce input costs of operations

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forest programme - skidders
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motor mowers
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fertilizer spreaders
rotary tillers
hydraulic cylinders
general hydraulics
all types of springs,
spare parts for agricultural mechanization and springs for special purposes

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  • Tractors
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  • Fertilizing
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