Verification of technologies, emission reduction

VERA is a multinational collaboration between Denmark, The Netherlands and Germany for testing and verifying environmental technologies within the agricultural sector.
More European countries have indicated their interest in joining the initiative.
The purpose of VERA is to enhance a well-functioning international market for environmental technologies to help solve the environmental challenges of agricultural production.

The framework for test and verification is based on test protocols that are developed, or in the process of being developed. Technologies that have been tested according to one of the VERA test protocols can obtain a VERA Verification Statement.

A VERA Verification Statement secures documentation for the environmental efficiency and operational stability of a technology and is an important step when introducing a technology to the market. Not only technology manufacturers, but also farmers and authorities benefit from it.

Verified emission reducing technologies based on high-quality measurement programs

What we offer

Verification of emission reducing technologies in agricultural production - based on commonly agreed test protocols. The VERA verification statements and the VERA test protocols are a recognized "reference" according to the European BREF documents for intensive rearing of poultry or pigs and are increasingly used in scientific studies.

What we are looking for

Manufacturers who want to gain market potential and a higher credibility in their environmental technologies.

Test labs who aim for reliable and high quality measurement programs and who want to share their experiences in this kind of measurements.

Authorities who look for a high-quality and independent 3rd party confirmation of the environmental performance of technologies.


  • Fertilizing
  • Farm inputs
  • Others


Head of the International VERA Secretariat

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