Grain drying and storage equipment

AKRON is Sweden’s leading grain drying and storage solutions provider, serving agricultural and industrial customers globally since 1935. Our trademarks Akron and Svegma guarantee the highest quality, availability and functionality. Our product range is internally developed and covers all agricultural and industrial grain handling needs, from transportation and loading solutions to drying, storage and state-of-the-art operational control.
Our head office and manufacturing plant is located in Järpås, Sweden. Our products are used all over the world.

World class grain drying solutions

What we offer

Akron and Svegma grain driers are available in a wide range of capacities, ranging from 10 to 150 tonnes per hour. Several thousand driers have been delivered during the past 50 years, to many countries on all continents.
The drying system is very flexible in regard to drier width and height as well as to fuel and recirculation options for optimized performance and cost. The drier design is all-galvanized with a completely smooth interior and no dirt traps.
Akron also has an integrated fan design and manufacturing department, resulting in unparalleled fan and air handling performance, with or without dust separation and in fan casing sizes up to ø2000mm and motor power up to 450kW.
All this enables us to provide an optimized grain drier for each and every client and installation.

What we are looking for

We are looking for partners or agents to sell our grain drying solutions on their respective local markets. At present time we are represented on the UK, Baltic and Russian markets in addition to Scandinavia, and we would welcome project engineering companies in other geographical locations who are already working with handling and storage equipment but who are in need of a world-class, high-performance drier for industrial or agricultural installations.
In addition to the drier we can also supply optimized fan solutions for drying, aeration, dust separation or any other air handling requirement.


  • Harvest conditioning, conveying, preservation and storage


General Manager, Grain & Biofuel Solutions

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