Born in 2000 and located in Italy, Euromat offers personalized solutions and high technological profile for any type of hydraulic plant. Euromat benefits from the twenty-years experience of its founding members and today represents one of the most known companies in hydraulic and precision mechanics field. We provide simple and effective solutions for the realization of earth-moving, agricultural, marine, foresty, industrial and lifting machines.

Hydraulic engineering and hydraulic components - We engineer your ideas

What we offer

Knowledge, flexibility, experience and reliability. EUROMAT SRL is able to offer customized solutions with high technological profile for any type of hydraulic system. The attention to customer leads consistently the company to the search of innovative and specific solutions. This allows to expand the range of applications in the domain of hydraulic components.
In addition to the supply of hydraulic components for different applications in several fields (agricultural, earth-moving, mobile, industrial, marine), we offer our service for fluid power transmission studies and, furthermore, the customized design and construction of products.
Our technical department with its long established experience, is able to solve every need:
- The design of new hydraulic systems
- 3D models of components and assemblies, to give form to your ideas, with SolidWorks 2016.
- The improvement and the search for an innovative application
- The study of implementations and changes in plant or machinery
- Technical advice and analysis of problems

What we are looking for

Our goal is to reach companies that believe in their projects and want to improve them. We as Euromat believe in constant improvement and we will help to achieve it by providing high efficient and custom-built solutions.
In a global market in continuous evolution it is important for companies to invest on innovation of its products. The improvement should be a permanent process and rely on qualified experts is a choice that may lead to an important competitive advantage. Euromat may be a good and reliable support in this process.


  • Equipment and software for process optimization
  • Components, spare parts, accessories
  • Others


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