Producer of Agricultural machinery for soil preparation

JYMPA 1971 S.L. is a Spanish company that specializes in the manufacture and commercialization of agricultural machinery for achieving the highest efficiency in the preparation of soil.
Its product catalogue is comprised of destoners, subsoilers, cultivators, chisels, harrows, levelling blades and combined machines.

Our location is on East of Spain, about 100 km from Barcelona.

Machines for soil preparation

What we offer

For 50 years our agricultural machinery has prepared the cultivable soil of more than 30 countries
We have an extensive network of distributors in the European Union, Eastern Europe, America, and Africa that distribute up to 75% of our machines.

Our Mission
Provide our customers with agricultural machinery that incorporates efficient and profitable processes that guarantee better conditions in agricultural works, with the best quality and the best service, as well as build a close relationship with our customers that allows us to improve professionally and personally.

To be recognized for our contribution, participation and values in the development of the agriculture of the future (smart farming), fully optimizing environmental resources, by means of a great network of distribution and communication that allows us to reach the customer's mind.

• Family treatment.
• Flexibility and adaptability.
• International vocation.
• Quality and innovation.
• Entrepreneurial spirit.
• Professionalism and reliability.
• Commitment to agro-industry development and environmental protection.

What we are looking for

We are looking for dealers & importers of Agricultural machinery in all the World.

Also we look for entrepeneurs in the agricultural field.


  • Soil working and seed-bed preparation


Export Manager

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