Farm Management System

Dacom allows growers and agribusiness to optimize the quality of the crop with our sensor equipment, data driven software and advisory services. Get more out of your yield and have lower cost.

Dacom is located in the Netherlands and worldwide active in agriculture with smart&simple solutions: crop recording, dicision support systems on disease and insect management and irrigation management.

Our solutions are webbased and also available on the smartphone, data exchange with suppliers and processors, easy sharing with agronomes and advisors.

Dacom Farm Intelligence

What we offer

Webbased solutions for crop recording, decision support systems, cloudfarm, crop growth model. All supporting our users (arable farmers) in optimization of their operations:
- easy input of data
- timely and straightforward advice
- link with suppliers and processors
- integrate GEO-information (satellite/drone/machine data)

What we are looking for

Our customers are professional arable farmers making use of their recourses and data in the best possible way to optimize their result.


  • Plant protection
  • Irrigation and drainage
  • Equipment and software for process optimization
  • Others




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