Manufacturer of heat exchangers for passenger cars and off-highway applications, Bus A/C units and Transport refrigeration units

Autocool specializes in automotive a/c components as well as commercial and off-road applications with special emphasis on heat exchangers and refrigerant tubes and hoses. Working closely to OEM’s and being a licensee from a number of the global giants in the field, added to Autocool’s O.E. culture and quality realization. This also led to acquiring a number of quality certifications such as: ISOTS16949 and ISO18001.
Autocool has its complete production lines which enable us to respond any individual orders.
Many years of experience and achieved know-how makes the company a reliable partner.
Autocool has its own laboratory which enables us to test and validate our products to make sure it will work properly and achieve the required performances as per customer’s request.
Autocool is proud to offer the capacity of “tailor making” products to any specific requirements and accommodate orders with no minimum quantities.

Heat Exchangers (Condensers, Evaporators, Heaters, Oil Coolers, .. etc)


  • Components, spare parts, accessories


Export Sales Section Head

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