Organic Fertilizer Spreading

Less smell, no muddy roads and fewer operating costs. A longer spreading period and a better yield – that is some of the benefits you get with the Agrometer slurry spreading system.

Both the SDS dribble bar spreader and the umbilical SRS injector operate non-stop in the field. The DP/APV pump unit continuously supplies the machine with slurry via pipes and hoses.

You don’t need heavy tankers to move the slurry, and the very low self-weight allows you to operate even on quite wet lands. In just one system set-up, you can cover more than 40ha of land.

Slurry storage problems can be eased with the use of the AGM Screw Press System, which is one of the most efficient solutions for separating the dry matter from the slurry, with a solids share of up to 40% in the fiber fraction.

Agrometer is certified in accordance with the ISO 14000 standard and have created solutions that combine efficiency and environmental awareness for more than 40 years.

SDS 8000 – a new generation of self-propelled slurry spreaders

What we offer

The Agrometer system is large scale, state-of-the-art slurry spreading with less hassle. The slurry is continuously pumped directly to the spreader from the storage tank via pipes and hoses, meaning you don’t annoy neighbours with smelly road transport.

High-performance and mobile pump unit for continuous slurry pumping. Used to supply the SRS slurry injector and SDS slurry spreader, or for the filling of a nurse tank.

The pump has a maximum operating range of 4 km, for longer distances intermediate pumps can be installed each 4 km. The pump is operated remotely from the slurry spreader, and a surveillance system shuts down the system in case of failure (e.g. pressure drop through hose burst).

What we are looking for

Dealers for the full product line of Slurry handling and distribution. for various central european countries.
We are searching in: Poland, Hungary, Serbia, Slovakia & Slovenia.
Looking forward to hear from interested dealers in the regions.


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