U-Drone Robotics Australia have been trading in Australia successfully since 2010 designing and manufacturing aerial jamming highly specialised and reliable equipment for the military sector and certain Government departs including Police and Department of corrections. In 2012 U-Drone Robotics has been developing solutions for a variety of industries with
advancements in technology with the drones. Some of these included surveillance and agricultural uses compiling latest technology with W.H.S requirements also observing all local C.A.S.A laws with significant gains in productivity and efficiency in the mining and power sectors, especially with our latest drone platforms with all industrial payloads.Seeking B round investment and potential strategic partners.

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What we offer

Agricultural Crop Mapping With larger scale agricultural operations it is difficult to maintain a sufficient overview of the operation. Our UAV’s allow for an individual to increase their capacity to survey crops and cattle without the occupational health and safety risks that are associated with other alternatives such as ultra light helicopters. These systems can be fitted with chemical sprayers that can be implemented in place of conventional crop dusting planes resulting in drastically reduced running costs, and risk for pilots. Our UAV’s can provide a stable aerial platform from which 3d
mapping equipment can be utilised to perform fully automated data acquisitions over large areas of land. This data can then be entered into 3d mapping software which can render a 3d map where the user is able to perform a volumetric analyses ground based features such as stock piles of timber or gravel for stock taking purposes.The autonomous capabilities combined with our industrial quality design allow for the user to focus primarily on the task at hand, safe in the knowledge that they are operating from a stable aerial platform.

What we are looking for

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  • Fertilizing
  • Agricultural electronics, equipment for measuring and weighing


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