Casella is an Italian company and is a famous producer of irrigation machines for agriculture.
Corn, soya, potatoes, alfa-alfa, and many other crops can be perfectly irrigate by using Casella's solutions.
Hose reels, motorpumps, specific projects and a complete service from design to after-sales ensure the quality and reliability of all our products.
Hose reels Casella are suitable from small farmers to the biggest ones: there is a full-line for irrigation.
In fact our respectable dealers-partners can be found from New Zealand and Australia to Germany, Netherlands and America.
In addition Casella is official dealer of Agco Group and has one of the biggest used-machineries ware house in Italy.
We are interested in knowing someone, with whom we can talk about our perfect solutions for irrigation and markets for agricultural machineries, used machineries, tractors and spare parts, focused on development and concreteness.
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Hose reels - motor pumps - Irrigation systems

What we offer

Our products are complete solution for irrigation systems and water managing.
1) Our area of expertise is mainly focused on hose reels for irrigation (turbine, engine, motorpumps) where we are leader in technology and experience (the first to produce Ø180 hose reels and precision irrigation hose reels since 2.000)
2) Casella hose reels can be used with any soil, temperature conditions, kind of cultivated crop.
They are friendly to use, the cheapest in energy saving thanks to their hydraulic system, with the highest performances too
3) Casella provides a full service in order to find the best way to lead his clients to: best yields, minimum costs and easy to use, environmental respect.

What we are looking for

We want to cooperate with:
- dealers and distributors that can develop the market for irrigation machineries in their country;
- farmers and investitor who want to increase their production in agriculture;
-dealers and distributors of all agriculture machineries and spare parts.


  • Irrigation and drainage


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