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Iteris, Inc. (Iteris) is the global leader in applied informatics for transportation and agriculture, turning big data into big breakthrough solutions to create better communities. We collect, aggregate and analyze data on traffic, roads, weather, water, soil and crops to generate actionable insights that lead to safer transportation and smarter farming. Crop science companies, farmers and agronomists around the world use our agriculture solutions for sustainable and more productive farming.

How Iteris Makes a Difference
Relevant and accurate weather and soil data and predictive analytics are among the most critical components to healthy crop growth, wherever crops are grown, anywhere in the world.
Iteris’ ClearAg Platform provides:
• A proprietary global weather analysis and forecasting system developed and proven over 20 years
• Land Surface Modeling customized and optimized for agriculture
• Predictive analytics that dynamically adapt to the specific field to provide the best available answer for any location in the world

Iteris - ClearAg Platform

What we offer

Advanced Analytics for Agriculture
The ClearAg Platform turns data into predictive analytics and prescriptive services. The ClearAg Platform uses comprehensive data sources, proprietary data processing methods, advanced analytics optimized for agriculture and data science applied to agricultural challenges.

What we are looking for

Through the ClearAg Platform, Iteris strives to provide the best global crop analytics and environmental content platform for global agribusiness. Through data science, agronomic expertise, and patented systems, we help the agriculture industry reduce waste, maximize yield and efficiencies, and generate additional agriculture profits.

Crop science companies use the ClearAg Platform to
understand and capture as-applied data, and identify
ideal soil and weather conditions for product applications
at a precise location. The ClearAg Platform can help
reduce the cost and time needed to bring new crop
protection products to market. Ag retailers and crop
consultants leverage the ClearAg Advisories to help
growers determine best times to plant, spray, fertilize
and harvest.


  • Agricultural electronics, equipment for measuring and weighing
  • Equipment and software for process optimization
  • Others


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