Industrial facilities and equipments

ORHAND is a family-owned company located in Brittany (France).
The 65 people company has over 90 years experience in design and manufacture of industrial facilities mainly in agro industry and quarries.
In 2016 the company launches ODS (Orhand Discharging Systems) a new activity dedicated to equipments able to discharge silos with heavy duty equipments.
Since 1 year, a professional team experimented in grains handling equipments work on complete range of equipments.

Silo discharging equipments

What we offer

We design and manufacture silo discharging equipments for easy flowing products (cereals, oleaginous, seeds, pellets…).

The equipements avoid any human assistance inside silos during operation.

Equipments are designed on industrial bases for heavy duty applications (port facilities, multimodal storages).

For large storages : equipments can work inside up to Ø42m silos.
For big capacities : discharge capacity can go up to 400m3/h.

To ensure the “Zero Human Entry”, our technical team has worked for 1 complete year to develop a “new soft advancing system” to ensure an optimal behavior of the equipment, from the resistance of the equipment to the quality of the filling of the screw which is a very important parameter for long transportation screws or big discharge capacities.

What we are looking for

We are interested in expanding cooperation on the worldwide market by identifying companies that can include in their complete solution, its products / services in the worldwide market, directly to end user.

We also look for retailers or agents worldwide to promote and sell our equipments.


  • Harvest conditioning, conveying, preservation and storage
  • Others


Business development

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