Led luminaires for agriculture

Ledistys develops, manufactures and sells high quality, cost efficient and flicker free led-luminaires for agriculture and industrial usage. Tens of thousands of luminaires has been installed to various cowsheds and other barns and halls to provide high quality flicker free light.

We are looking for a sales partners around the world to sell these luminaires to end customers. Let's have meeting to discuss further.

Agriculture led luminaires from Finland

What we offer

Led luminaires are used in many agriculture sheds and warehouses. Currently high quality led luminaires are replacing tubes and other traditional lamps to provide good illumination at the fraction of energy usage.
Ledistys manufactures agriculture led luminaires in Finland and we have a good knowledge and experience of agriculture lighting. Take your chance to be part of it !

What we are looking for

We are looking for a sales partner to distribute our agriculture led luminaires into the target countries. Partners should have interest and capabilities to sell to end customers. Partners should have knowledge of local rules and habits in agriculture and hopefully already know the customers.


  • Agricultural electronics, equipment for measuring and weighing


Business Development Director

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