Coating Concepts of the Future

Our tradition: create the future
Over a century of taking pleasure in innovation has made us one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality coating systems worldwide for industrial series production in the business sectors of General Industry, Aviation and Automotive.
Nowadays more than one thousand employees worldwide are occupied with the realisation of “Coating Concepts of the Future” to ensure long-term preservation of utility and capital goods. Our products fulfil the wish for highest quality and continuous proximity to the market and its
requirements. The high quality of the products and processes is guaranteed by a quality management system which was established many years ago.

High Performance Coatings for the ACE industry

What we offer

1) Direct to Metal coatings
2) 2-Layer coatings for high gloss applications

As a global partner for the OEM and its sub-suppliers, our products fullfill the specifications of leading
manufacturers of construction and agricultural

What we are looking for

New projects and new customers in the ACE industry


  • Tractors
  • Mobile loading machines
  • Transport technology
  • Components, spare parts, accessories



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