EKAGEM Hellas was founded in 1978 by Greek Manufacturers of Agricultural and Livestock Machinery and Tools.
In the following years agriculture boomed and the Greek Machinery and Tools met the challenge of development conquering the Greek Market by investing in technology and quality with advance design and keeping up with European Standards .
EKAGEM has always been present, organizing their participation at the Agricultural Exhibition AGROTICA, the bigger and more dynamic of all sectors in the Southern Balkans.
EKAGEM is now into helping its member companies get more recognition in the European markets and making Greek Machinery valued by European farmers.
EKAGEM shall continue supporting Greek Manufacturing Industry, investing in the new generation of Manufacturers who are innovative with their production of advanced machinery that meet present demands of European Agriculture.


What we offer

An introductiong to Greek Manufacturers of Agricultural Machinery, their product list and an invitation to see them in person at our forthcoming exhibition in Greece.

What we are looking for

We are looking for international dealers of machinery, that could introduce our products into their market. We are also looking for trade visitors to our own fair since not all manufacturers could be present at this event. We are looking for customers interested in Greek Machinery,


  • Mobile loading machines
  • Soil working and seed-bed preparation
  • Drilling and sowing
  • Plant protection
  • Irrigation and drainage
  • Harvesting
  • Harvest conditioning, conveying, preservation and storage



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